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My Peloton 1 week anniversary

Today marks the week anniversary of having the Italian Stallion, our Peloton!  I know it has only been 1 week, but I wanted to give a quick update on how the first week went!  First off, I still LOVE it!  I rode everyday except 2.  I intentionally took off Sunday and unintentionally took yesterday, Monday off.  I was all prepared to ride last night then the baby woke up and she couldn’t go back to sleep.  She has a terrible cough right now!  So you know what that meant for me… no bike.  Wah wah.  Oh well.  

Ok, about the bike.  First of all, the bike and the screen are simply beautiful.  Nothing better than having a piece of workout equipment in my bedroom.  However, I am not bothered by this!  It really does have a nice aesthetic appearance and doesn’t take up much space.  The display and the screen are fantastic.  I love the big size and the super clear quality!  Now what you put on the screen is totally up to you.  The plethora of classes is so awesome.  Never am I at a loss for a class.  Even though there are a lot of choices, I can usually pick fairly quickly.  I start by organizing the classes by the length.  I always know how much time I have to squeeze in my workout.  This makes it really nice to find what you are looking for.  Now the workout itself, fun and challenging.  I can say that when I take a 45 minute class, it goes by pretty quickly.  The flow of the class keeps me super engaged and not looking at the time.  The classes are not easy!  I consider myself pretty fit and this pushes me.  I know I have a ways to go to really get good endurance on the Peloton.  Another really cool thing about the classes, some incorporate upper body.  Just enough to give you a break on the cycling and work your upper half.  There are also a few classes that are just dedicated to workouts off of the bike, examples: lower body, arms, and abs.  Lastly, I feel so good when I finish!  My body definitely feels the fatigue from the work I put in!  Love it!  

Unfortunately, next week I will be in Hawaii (check back for our posts on this beautiful place!) and won’t be able to be on the bike, BUT…. I will take Beachbody with me!  It is so good on the go and I take it every time I travel!