Chemical day 7!

Ok, it is time for me to put my final thoughts on this whole chemical peel deal!  The Good news is, I look like a human again, instead of a reptile!  Over the course of the last week, I endured comments from my kids that were pretty hilarious…”mommy, when I look at your peeling skin, it kind of makes me lose my appetite”, “mommy, if I had a snowman face like you, would you still kiss my cheeks?”  Trust me, there were more.  All confidence boosting.  But, now look who’s talking!  My skin looks great!  It is so soft!  The texture is amazing!  I still have a bit more peeling around my jaw-line and on the front of my neck, but the majority of my face looks good! I really wanted my pores to shrink a bit and that totally happened.  It also just brightened up and freshened up my look.  I am happy I did it.  I admit, I was pretty nervous at the thought of a chemical peel, but I would do it again.  My best advice would be… 1. make sure you don’t have any major plans for at least the next 4-5 days.  2. choose a peel that is appropriate for your skin type.  I have pretty sensitive skin, the VI peel I chose is good for my skin type and I am not sure I could have handled much more!  3. If you know you have sensitive skin like me, make sure you have Benadryl on hand.  It was a lifesaver for my itching!  

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