My new earlobes!

I’m super excited to show you something really amazing! I bet you don’t think about your earlobes that often, at least I didn’t, until I knew my earring hole was starting to feel pretty stretched out and wearing any earring in my left ear was getting kind of tough. It wasn’t until my husband actually took a picture of my earlobe to show me how droopy and stretched out it had gotten from all of those years of wearing heavy earrings. Most of this probably came from the big, heavy earrings I love wearing. I didn’t know what could be done. He kept saying he wanted to fix my ear for me. I thought it sounded great, but really didn’t understand what that entailed. So last night he said come in here, “here” meaning our bathroom where he had a vial of Juvederm ready to go to inject in my earlobe. I was kind of hesitant, not sure if I really needed it done Then he took a picture and said just wait, I’ll show you what I can do. After a few sticks … I didn’t feel anything. He actually questioned if I had any feeling in my ear lobes! Then… he showed me the pictures and it was astounding! I can’t believe I was walking around with my ears looking so deflated and droopy. Never once would I have thought they looked like this Typically I don’t get to see that side of my head, and if I do, I’m not usually focused on my earlobe. It’s amazing with just a simple little procedure, and now I feel so much more confident! If you have any questions feel free to send us a message and we can help! Check out the pictures below to see what you think.


What to wear to work!

Isn’t it the worst feeling when you wake up in the morning and ask yourself, “what am I going to wear to work?” Often I find myself asking the same question. When I moved to California I decided to clean out my closet and re-vamp a lot of my work outfits. Now that I would be living in a much different climate, I thought it was necessary to update some of my looks. I’ve decided to show my work inspired outfits in this blog to help give you inspiration for your own work looks.

Although it’s work, we can still have a bunch of really great and fun outfits. Lucky for us we can also take some of these pieces and transition them into our everyday styles. Spending a lot of money on work outfits is not necessary, it’s more about finding something that’s cute, fresh, and has a good overall fit for your body. I have found a few brands I tend to gravitate to, not only work, but my personal day-to-day wardrobe as well. Two of these brands that come to mind are Top Shop and Zara. I love that they have feminine, yet fashion forward takes on more traditional styles. The other great benefit to these brands is the price point. You can get a whole season of work pieces without breaking the bank. Check out this outfit I wore today when I had to drive a total of four hours in the car. I really wanted something that wouldn’t be restrictive while I was driving, yet would look cute and professional when I showed up for my job. The romper is from Urban Outfitters, and the white blouse is from Zara!

Stay tuned as I share more looks throughout the work weeks to help inspire your work wardrobe!


Chemical day 7!

Ok, it is time for me to put my final thoughts on this whole chemical peel deal!  The Good news is, I look like a human again, instead of a reptile!  Over the course of the last week, I endured comments from my kids that were pretty hilarious…”mommy, when I look at your peeling skin, it kind of makes me lose my appetite”, “mommy, if I had a snowman face like you, would you still kiss my cheeks?”  Trust me, there were more.  All confidence boosting.  But, now look who’s talking!  My skin looks great!  It is so soft!  The texture is amazing!  I still have a bit more peeling around my jaw-line and on the front of my neck, but the majority of my face looks good! I really wanted my pores to shrink a bit and that totally happened.  It also just brightened up and freshened up my look.  I am happy I did it.  I admit, I was pretty nervous at the thought of a chemical peel, but I would do it again.  My best advice would be… 1. make sure you don’t have any major plans for at least the next 4-5 days.  2. choose a peel that is appropriate for your skin type.  I have pretty sensitive skin, the VI peel I chose is good for my skin type and I am not sure I could have handled much more!  3. If you know you have sensitive skin like me, make sure you have Benadryl on hand.  It was a lifesaver for my itching!  

Health and Fitness

My Peloton 1 week anniversary

Today marks the week anniversary of having the Italian Stallion, our Peloton!  I know it has only been 1 week, but I wanted to give a quick update on how the first week went!  First off, I still LOVE it!  I rode everyday except 2.  I intentionally took off Sunday and unintentionally took yesterday, Monday off.  I was all prepared to ride last night then the baby woke up and she couldn’t go back to sleep.  She has a terrible cough right now!  So you know what that meant for me… no bike.  Wah wah.  Oh well.  

Ok, about the bike.  First of all, the bike and the screen are simply beautiful.  Nothing better than having a piece of workout equipment in my bedroom.  However, I am not bothered by this!  It really does have a nice aesthetic appearance and doesn’t take up much space.  The display and the screen are fantastic.  I love the big size and the super clear quality!  Now what you put on the screen is totally up to you.  The plethora of classes is so awesome.  Never am I at a loss for a class.  Even though there are a lot of choices, I can usually pick fairly quickly.  I start by organizing the classes by the length.  I always know how much time I have to squeeze in my workout.  This makes it really nice to find what you are looking for.  Now the workout itself, fun and challenging.  I can say that when I take a 45 minute class, it goes by pretty quickly.  The flow of the class keeps me super engaged and not looking at the time.  The classes are not easy!  I consider myself pretty fit and this pushes me.  I know I have a ways to go to really get good endurance on the Peloton.  Another really cool thing about the classes, some incorporate upper body.  Just enough to give you a break on the cycling and work your upper half.  There are also a few classes that are just dedicated to workouts off of the bike, examples: lower body, arms, and abs.  Lastly, I feel so good when I finish!  My body definitely feels the fatigue from the work I put in!  Love it!  

Unfortunately, next week I will be in Hawaii (check back for our posts on this beautiful place!) and won’t be able to be on the bike, BUT…. I will take Beachbody with me!  It is so good on the go and I take it every time I travel! 


Chemical Peel Day 4: the Big Peel

Yesterday the peeling started, today it continues. Not so much just around my mouth, but extending to almost all parts of my face. Well, I guess that is the point of a peel, right? It’s working! I feel good, the new skin is super soft. The skin that has yet to peel off is pretty dry and rough. I keep using my post peel cream and SPF. That helps to make the skin look moist. The post peel cream kind of burns on the new skin, but it is hydrocortisone so I’m not too worried.

This morning when I dropped the kids off at school, I had to talk to Gia’s teacher…. as the room mom, we have lots of social activity in the Kindergarten class! Anyway, I was extremely apologetic of my lizard-like appearance… best part… she had just had a peel too and totally understood! Total win. Her skin looked great and hopefully I will be there in a couple of days!

Then, I had a lunch appointment… again… extremely apologetic… I found out she understood too. She had also done a peel and she had been in my shoes! Wow! Everyone does this!

Feeling pretty good, I headed to the grocery store after work to pick up some liquor. Actually, lots of liquor. Our neighborhood is having a progressive dinner tomorrow night and we are in charge of the first round: drinks! Seems easy, right?! Well, it can’t be basic so I got the best of the best. It may only be “drinks” but it’ll be unforgettable. Back to the point, I’m pretty sure my cashier at the Pavilions didn’t want to look me in the eye. Maybe just my perception, but I had some serious peeling going on when I looked in my car mirror!

So now, it’s Friday night… Michael and I are hanging with the kids and working on our upcoming segment on San Diego Fox 5 news! All about winter skincare. I think I have indirectly made myself the guinea pig… We are writing the content over a glass of wine from Haber Family Vineyards (, one of our favorites… super awesome people, and my face is SO warm! You know how your face feels flushed when drinking a few glasses of wine? Well, I think the feeling is exaggerated with the new, fresh skin! Not bad, just interesting. Check out my photos from today and I’ll post some more before bed!


Chemical Peel Day 3: this isn’t so bad!

Day3! Yay! Now, it’s really not so bad. I did start peeling today. Dry and peeling, that about sums it up. Other than the tight feeling, I feel great! I worked out again today on the Peloton. I did try to not go overboard though. I kept a towel wrapped around my neck to soak up any sweat. After I was finished, I quickly splashed cold water on my face and laid an cold, wet towel across my face. I didn’t want to take any chances at making this process last longer or add unnecessary complications. Throughout the rest of the day, I combated the peel by using my post peel cream, SPF and a small pair of scissors to trim the loose skin. It is SO hard not to peel the skin off, trust me, you will want to! But don’t! Resist temptation!! This evening, my 2 year old, kept staring at me. At one point she told me I was messy and had food on my face. Still perplexed, she became mesmerized and then just called me a zombie. My 8 year old told me he kind of wanted to throw-up looking at the skin sloughing off. All positive…. anyway, check out the pics and see what you think.