Chemical Peel Day 2: I survived

Ok, so it’s the end of Day 2 of my Vi Chemical Peel.  With a little help from my well known friend, Benadryl, I survived.  I have to say, last night, going to bed was the WORST part.  I typically have pretty sensitive skin, for example, I break out on my hands from decorating a Christmas tree.  The absolute WORST…. when I broke out from using “firm grip”  to hold my swimming suit in place for a pageant.  Although I didn’t get a wedgie on stage, I got a really bad rash that lasted like 2 weeks!  Anyway, you get the picture.   When I went to bed, it was not burning, more of a warm sensation.  My face felt fine.  It was my neck!  Holy moly was it itchy!  It was so annoying and I could not fall asleep.  After wrapping my neck in blanket and being totally irritated, I pulled myself up out of bed and got the Benadryl, I also used the post peel anti-itch cream.  Totally wish I would have done those 2 things like an hour earlier.  I woke up again at 4am, ready for some more Benadryl.  Bottom line, if you get a chemical peel, take Benadryl, it helps a ton!  

Ok, so in the morning… I felt pretty good! These pictures were taken shortly after I woke up.  You can see a lot of the redness had disappeared.  Just a few spots of hyper-pigmentation. The itching and burning had were almost gone.  Now, my skin just felt tight.  I spent the rest of the day nursing my skin by lathering it with the anti-itch post peel lotion and SPF 50.  I looked pretty greasy all day.  But I was feeling good!  

As the day wore on, my face just kept feeling tighter and tighter.  This brought on another sense of itching, the dry, pulling feeling.  I also knew I had 1 more towelette to apply 1 hour before bed.  I was not looking forward to that!  As the night continued, I started to notice the beginning of some slight peeling.  You know when you have a sunburn, your skin gets that shiny, kind of waxy look?  That’s exactly what I had going on.  I used the final (thank god) towelette and took some more Benadryl.  Guess what?! No burning or itching!  I think my face has finally toughened up!  Now I really feel like I am in the home stretch.  All I have to look forward to is about 2-3 days of sloughing off my whole face. off  We will see how that goes!  

Oh, and you might be wondering…. did I work out?  Sure did.  Oops.  I couldn’t resist.  I made sure my face didn’t sweat.  I actually kept a towel around my neck to keep it dry from sweat.  I was NOT willing to make my neck itchy again!

Ok, well, time for bed!  I will give my Day 3 update tomorrow!   Just a side note… Michael and I have a progressive dinner party with our neighborhood on Saturday.  We are hosting drinks.  I sure hope I don’t look like the walking dead.  

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