My Chemical Peel Day 1

As you all know, I love my skincare products and trying to make my skin look as best as possible while also preventing the aging effects.  Recently, I have been getting Hydrafacials… love them.  However, I was telling my esthetician I really wanted to try to get rid of some fine lines and tighten up my pores.  She recommended I do a chemical peel.  Well, I have not done one before so I didn’t really know what to expect.  Now I sit here, 8 hours post treatment and I am about ready to give you the low-down for the next 7 days.

I was nervous all day, from the moment I woke up, I treated my skin extra nice and made sure not to use any exfoliating products.  It’s like I knew I was about ready to to do something drastic to my skin and I wanted to be nice so it wouldn’t hate me too much!

When I went in for the procedure, I had a ton of questions.  One being… “I can’t work out for 72-96 hours?!?!”  Seriously??? Technically yes.  I will report back tomorrow if I actually followed that rule.  With my new Peloton sitting in front of me, it’s kind of hard to say “no.”  I may do something light, because I am not supposed to sweat!  The other questions just revolved around my skin being sensitive, she assured me this peel is designed for sensitive skin like mine.

Ok, so the peel itself in the office… IT SMELLS.  Yikes!  Smelled like she was putting fingernail polish mixed with orajel on my face.   So bad it would take my breath away!  Not only did it smell, it also burned and made my skin feel hot.  I think she had to put it on, all over my face, like 4-5 times.  Good thing, the stinging subsided pretty quickly.

When I was done with the in-office procedure, I had step-by-step instructions on how to care for my skin for the next 7 days.   I looked pretty good.  Just a little redness like I had been in the sun.   Nothing major.

I came home and didn’t look in the mirror for about 2 hours.  When I finally did, I saw red blotches on my cheeks.  I was like “oh god!”  Kinda freaked out and asked Michael about it.  He said it is totally normal.  It felt fine, so I moved on.  4 hours after the peel was put on my skin, it was time to wash it off.  This is when the fun really started.  I had to wipe my face and neck with a chemically laced “towelette”…. About 10 minutes after I did that, the ITCHING started!  It was SOOOO irritating.  I was trying to get the kids bathed and to bed.  I thought I was going to loose my mind.  Michael even told me I seemed super unhappy like I was super pissed about something.  I’m pretty sure I lost my cool about 10 times just do to the fact I was so irritated.  It was bothering me so much I took 2 Benadryl.  That was the best thing I did all day!  Totally helped.

Now on to my last step of the day… cleansing and ANOTHER TOWELETTE.  UGHH.  Now I have to say, I am not sure if it is the Benadryl or my skin getting more used to the product, but this time around is definitely not as bad.  The worse part is… it is 11pm., I am tired, slightly irritated and Doris needs to get here with all of my groceries I ordered on Instacart!  I need to put them away so I  can go to bed!

Here are some pictures of my redness… stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!

Baseline after in product applied:

4 Hours Post Peel applied:

1 hour before bed:

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