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Well this is super exciting!  Michael and Dr. David of David and Rossi Cosmetic Surgery ( were just featured in the December issue of San Diego Magazine!  San Diego Magazine is your source for the best platespoursfaces, and places in San Diego.


Chemical Peel Day 2: I survived

Ok, so it’s the end of Day 2 of my Vi Chemical Peel.  With a little help from my well known friend, Benadryl, I survived.  I have to say, last night, going to bed was the WORST part.  I typically have pretty sensitive skin, for example, I break out on my hands from decorating a Christmas tree.  The absolute WORST…. when I broke out from using “firm grip”  to hold my swimming suit in place for a pageant.  Although I didn’t get a wedgie on stage, I got a really bad rash that lasted like 2 weeks!  Anyway, you get the picture.   When I went to bed, it was not burning, more of a warm sensation.  My face felt fine.  It was my neck!  Holy moly was it itchy!  It was so annoying and I could not fall asleep.  After wrapping my neck in blanket and being totally irritated, I pulled myself up out of bed and got the Benadryl, I also used the post peel anti-itch cream.  Totally wish I would have done those 2 things like an hour earlier.  I woke up again at 4am, ready for some more Benadryl.  Bottom line, if you get a chemical peel, take Benadryl, it helps a ton!  

Ok, so in the morning… I felt pretty good! These pictures were taken shortly after I woke up.  You can see a lot of the redness had disappeared.  Just a few spots of hyper-pigmentation. The itching and burning had were almost gone.  Now, my skin just felt tight.  I spent the rest of the day nursing my skin by lathering it with the anti-itch post peel lotion and SPF 50.  I looked pretty greasy all day.  But I was feeling good!  

As the day wore on, my face just kept feeling tighter and tighter.  This brought on another sense of itching, the dry, pulling feeling.  I also knew I had 1 more towelette to apply 1 hour before bed.  I was not looking forward to that!  As the night continued, I started to notice the beginning of some slight peeling.  You know when you have a sunburn, your skin gets that shiny, kind of waxy look?  That’s exactly what I had going on.  I used the final (thank god) towelette and took some more Benadryl.  Guess what?! No burning or itching!  I think my face has finally toughened up!  Now I really feel like I am in the home stretch.  All I have to look forward to is about 2-3 days of sloughing off my whole face. off  We will see how that goes!  

Oh, and you might be wondering…. did I work out?  Sure did.  Oops.  I couldn’t resist.  I made sure my face didn’t sweat.  I actually kept a towel around my neck to keep it dry from sweat.  I was NOT willing to make my neck itchy again!

Ok, well, time for bed!  I will give my Day 3 update tomorrow!   Just a side note… Michael and I have a progressive dinner party with our neighborhood on Saturday.  We are hosting drinks.  I sure hope I don’t look like the walking dead.  

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The new Peloton!

I am SOOO excited!  My ( I mean our) Peloton arrived today!  After being totally entrenched in Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession for the 3rd time, I started to look for new workout options.  The Peloton had crossed my mind, but I have never really been “into” cycling like some people are.   Then, one day out of the blue, Michael texted me a picture of the Peloton and asked if I was interested.  I was like “funny, because I had just been looking at it!”  Long story short, after asking a bunch of people about it and researching it, I decided to take Peloton up on their holiday deal ($295 off with free delivery and set-up).  Once I ordered it, I couldn’t wait to get it.  I placed my order on November 20th and it arrived by November 27th!  I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!  Finally, it came.  It is so easy to use, looks great, and the class selection is amazing!  Honestly, the hardest part was getting my darn shoes clipped in the pedals!  After I got my full tutorial, I had my first ride!  I loved it!!! I did 2 other workouts too.  One for core and one for arms/upper body.  After I was finished, I was super pumped to show Michael how to use it.

When Michael got home from work, the first thing I did was make him try the bike!  We set up his user profile, which was really easy.  Then he got to ride!  Besides weights and manly workouts, you don’t really see him doing anything different.  But this… he loved it too!
Yay!  Success, now to many more days of riding our Italian Stallion (yes, I named it that!).


My Chemical Peel Day 1

As you all know, I love my skincare products and trying to make my skin look as best as possible while also preventing the aging effects.  Recently, I have been getting Hydrafacials… love them.  However, I was telling my esthetician I really wanted to try to get rid of some fine lines and tighten up my pores.  She recommended I do a chemical peel.  Well, I have not done one before so I didn’t really know what to expect.  Now I sit here, 8 hours post treatment and I am about ready to give you the low-down for the next 7 days.

I was nervous all day, from the moment I woke up, I treated my skin extra nice and made sure not to use any exfoliating products.  It’s like I knew I was about ready to to do something drastic to my skin and I wanted to be nice so it wouldn’t hate me too much!

When I went in for the procedure, I had a ton of questions.  One being… “I can’t work out for 72-96 hours?!?!”  Seriously??? Technically yes.  I will report back tomorrow if I actually followed that rule.  With my new Peloton sitting in front of me, it’s kind of hard to say “no.”  I may do something light, because I am not supposed to sweat!  The other questions just revolved around my skin being sensitive, she assured me this peel is designed for sensitive skin like mine.

Ok, so the peel itself in the office… IT SMELLS.  Yikes!  Smelled like she was putting fingernail polish mixed with orajel on my face.   So bad it would take my breath away!  Not only did it smell, it also burned and made my skin feel hot.  I think she had to put it on, all over my face, like 4-5 times.  Good thing, the stinging subsided pretty quickly.

When I was done with the in-office procedure, I had step-by-step instructions on how to care for my skin for the next 7 days.   I looked pretty good.  Just a little redness like I had been in the sun.   Nothing major.

I came home and didn’t look in the mirror for about 2 hours.  When I finally did, I saw red blotches on my cheeks.  I was like “oh god!”  Kinda freaked out and asked Michael about it.  He said it is totally normal.  It felt fine, so I moved on.  4 hours after the peel was put on my skin, it was time to wash it off.  This is when the fun really started.  I had to wipe my face and neck with a chemically laced “towelette”…. About 10 minutes after I did that, the ITCHING started!  It was SOOOO irritating.  I was trying to get the kids bathed and to bed.  I thought I was going to loose my mind.  Michael even told me I seemed super unhappy like I was super pissed about something.  I’m pretty sure I lost my cool about 10 times just do to the fact I was so irritated.  It was bothering me so much I took 2 Benadryl.  That was the best thing I did all day!  Totally helped.

Now on to my last step of the day… cleansing and ANOTHER TOWELETTE.  UGHH.  Now I have to say, I am not sure if it is the Benadryl or my skin getting more used to the product, but this time around is definitely not as bad.  The worse part is… it is 11pm., I am tired, slightly irritated and Doris needs to get here with all of my groceries I ordered on Instacart!  I need to put them away so I  can go to bed!

Here are some pictures of my redness… stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!

Baseline after in product applied:

4 Hours Post Peel applied:

1 hour before bed:


Winterize your Beauty Routine with these Tips and Tricks

winter skin

Cozy socks, warm fireplaces, and cuddly blankets all sound great as we prepare for the cold winter temperatures just around the corner.  What doesn’t sound as appealing is the dry, tight, flaky, parched skin that comes with this season.  Our exposure to the less humid air, blustery winds, and indoor heat can cause our skin to appear dull, less vibrant, under moisturized, and just plain older.  But don’t worry!  There are steps you can take to get ahead of the dull and keep your skin healthy and glowing all winter long.  Below are some tips and products we like to use to keep our skin supple and radiant!

Keeping it Clean: Keeping your skin clean is a great way to keep your skin fresh and your pores clean and less likely to have clogged pores causing blemishes.  Using a cleanser that is gentle in the cooler months helps to balance the skin, gently cleanse, and maintain the skin’s natural pH and moisture.  While salicylic acid is a great ingredient to exfoliate the skin in the warmer months, it causes increased dryness in the winter.  Stick to gentle cleansers that calm or soothe dry skin and are creamier in consistency.  As much as you want to exfoliate that annoying dry skin, it is important to do it as gently as possible.  Here are 3 great cleansers from SkinCeuticals: Soothing Cleanser, Simply Clean, and Gentle Cleanser. (

For the more budget friendly, check out Cerave, Cetaphil, and Neutrogena (HydroBoost is a great one!).

Let’s talk about those summer sunspots:  Summer leaves us with a lot of fun memories made outside enjoying the warm sun and beautiful weather.  It also leaves us with the less desirable sun damage and sun spots.  When it is cold out, you are less likely to spend as much time outside in the sun.  This makes this time of year a great time to tackle the sun damage left by the summer sun.  Using products that contain hydroquinone and kojic acid will help diminish the marks left by the summer sun.  Start slowly and work up to regular use.  It is important to remember, these products (bleaching creams) will exfoliate the skin, so hydration is super important.  I love using these pads from David and Rossi Cosmetic Surgery for about 3 months and then switching to SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense


Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with vitamin C: Now that you are taking care of those pesky sun spots, treating the skin with a Vitamin C serum will help keep the damage of the UV radiation at a minimum.  The antioxidant properties of the vitamin C will help repair your skin, increase collagen production, which will soften fine lines and wrinkles and  prevent new ones from forming.  This is one of those “can’t miss” products in great skin care no matter the time of year.   Here is what we use twice a d day and love!

Build Collagen with Retinol: With less sun exposure, winter is a good time to break out the retinol products.  Just keep in mind these too can be drying and a good moisturizer is key.  Moisturizing will definitely be addressed!  Just like the bleaching creams, products containing Retinol need to be used slowly.  Give your skin time to adjust and don’t go too fast.  We love the Obagi line and personally use 0.05%.


Staying Hydrated:  Having well hydrated skin in the dry months of the year is so important!  Especially if you are treating your skin to repair sun damage and build collagen production, you will want to make sure you are using hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid is not like what it sounds.  It is not harsh or drying of the skin at all.  It is actually the exact opposite.  Hyaluronic acid keeps moisture locked in to plump, soften and even keep the skin looking younger.  This another can’t miss product of the dryer winter months.


Moisturize!: Choosing a good moisturizer is key this winter!  A product containing ceramides and lipids will repair your skin and help maintain moisture balance.  Use your moisturizer at least twice a day… morning and night.  Your skin will thank you!


Protecting your skin:  Although you will not be spending as much time outdoors, the sun and it’s harmful UV rays are still shining down on your pretty little face.  With all the winter work to repair the sun damage and keep fine lines and wrinkles to a minimum, protecting our skin from the sum is  super important!  Using an SPF30+ is essential.  You can choose a moisturizer that has SPF built in and I personally like using a tinted SPF.  Now that your skin is radiant and glowing, you can finish your beauty routine with a little tinted moisturizer with SPF and head out!


Got chapped lips?: Who doesn’t love a good chapstick?  I will admit, I love a silky smooth chapstick with a hint of flavor.  My favorite is SunBum, I love all of the them!  However, even the best chapsticks sometimes won’t give you what you need.  If you lips are feeling particularly parched, layer them with some Aquafor.  The thick ointment will really help with the peeling and cracking.  

Still Dry?:  Treating your skin extra special during these harsher months is super important.  There are a lot of great masks to help heal the skin when you are feeling extra dry.  Using a hydrating mask 1 to 2 times a week will help you skin stay extra soft and lush.

Don’t forget about your body:  Dry skin doesn’t discriminate!

Just in case keeping your skincare line up to snuff isn’t enough, here are a few other procedures to help you meet your skin goals!  Look for more blog posts on what it is like to actually have these done!