Michael and Lindsey Rossi

Lindsey Rossi - Mrs IL Intl 2015 (head shot)

Welcome to our lifestyle blog….a refreshing way for us to do what we love best: entertain and help others. We are a unique couple, not only because of our careers, style and charisma, but also our carefree and adventurous approach to life and raising our young children. This is our organized way to provide insight into the Southern California family life of a busy plastic surgeon, a beauty queen with multiple past titles, and our three adorable children. Within this context we will provide many useful beauty, fashion, health, fitness and of course, plastic surgery and skin care tips for individuals outside of this multi-billion dollar industry we navigate together on a daily basis.

We have come to realize our unique interests and extensive experiences have provided us a wealth of knowledge and discerning perspective on multiple industries related to beauty and plastic surgery. We understand that many people find these topics difficult to approach and aggravating to navigate, but our insight and information will make it easier. As you join us on this journey, you will receive insight through photos and detailed reviews on various items that are hot in fashion and beauty, where to find bargain options across these industries, the products we feel are necessary and which you should avoid.

In addition, you will see how we stay fit through creative fitness and meal plans and receive tips on how to fit them into your busy schedules. An added bonus is the information, images and recommendations we will provide during our frequent travels to some of our favorite exotic destinations for wine, food, surfing, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, and family fun. We are confident you will find our approach to be brutally honest and refreshing and want this to become interactive and helpful for our followers and friends. Enjoy this candid peek into our crazy lives!